Have a Spine! Have the Heart!

You're a submissive, not a slave! Don't be coward and moody; a true submissive has dignity & inner strength, and an brave heartThere is a huge difference between a slave and a submissive! Any kind of slavery... it is just not "my thing".  

Above all,

Follow your heart!  It's our inner "emotional content" that drives us. The mind can be tamed, trained... Look around and see what society has done to us! So many laws and morality norms, do they bring you happiness or make you grow? 

Educate Yourself

You find yourself having an addiction? Your heart & body's desires are "oh, not so morally acceptable"? Don't start self-pitying! Read, learn all about it; the internet is free. You might find you're not the only one, and that there is nothing wrong with you.

Make the First Step

Take a "deep" look into yourself, and say what you need. If what you find is a mist, then say it! We'll take the time to address it at the very beginning of our relationship. I am here to help you, but I can do it only if you let me... or more importantly, if you truly need me to help you.

Set Your Limits!

I expect you to be aware of your limits, or of what you're ready to give. It is you to set the limits or the boundaries, my dear. If you were a slave, and I a Domme, it would be Me to set them.

Your Desire to Please Me

It's what matters most to me... 






























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